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Robert Jonsson

Robert Jonsson

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Thanks for the caddisfly I received yesterday.

I had the opportunity to try it right away. The lake was difficult to fish yesterday. The fish was cautious but curious. I was using wet flies mostly until just a moment before I was done. I figured I would just try the caddis. My presentation was far from perfect, 1 meter behind a rising fish with a big splash from the line.

Slowly I stripped the caddis in the window but I expected that the had disappeared due to my incredibly clumsy presentation.

Then a trout strikes and try to take it but Im too fast so I lose the fish.

Im standing there in water up to my waist and smile at how bad Im doing when I see the water rise and a trout takes the fly from below in an almost meter-high jump. The trout hooks himselve and its perfect. It jumps again only 5 feet in front me and I see that this is the biggest rainbow Ive caught in this lake. I hear a "shit" cried out from the guy who is fishing next to as hes watching the battle with great interest.

The trout jumps again and again, but the fly holds out. Suddenly, a slack in the line, and I notice that the fish swims straight towards me. Ive just managed the line when it makes a last jump 2 feet from me as he breaks the tippet.

I used only one cast and two strikes on that caddis! Good job! You have new a loyal customer!!
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